The Daring Poison Ivy Look for the Halloween Bash by Chloe Ferry

The Daring Poison Ivy Look for the Halloween Bash by Chloe Ferry

What a Hot Halloween Makeover Chloe Got

Chloe Ferry didn’t hold back at her Newcastle Halloween party when she dressed up as Poison Ivy. The 28-year-old Geordie Shore star took a risk by dressing as the comic book bad guy in all green. A bustier sequinned bra with sparkling sequins was part of her outfit.

Chloe Ferry Bringing the Seductive Ensemble up

Chloe finished off her sexy look with green tights and a dress that was just barely there. Her signature hair was given a deep red color, which made her look more like Poison Ivy.

The Daring Poison Ivy Look for the Halloween Bash by Chloe Ferry

Having a party with friends

Chloe began her Halloween celebrations with friends at her fancy £1.1 million home. Later that night, she went into town for a night out with Chantelle Connelly, who used a sexy bunny outfit for the event.

Chloe Ferry Fashion for the Daring in the Cold

Even though it was cold in October, Chloe’s bold dress didn’t leave much to the imagination. It showed off her toned stomach muscles and made a big fashion statement.

Beautiful makeup to go with

Chloe chose a full-on glam makeup look, with thick black eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes stand out. The last touch to her look was a bright pink lip.

The Journey of Chloe Ferry Change

Chloe Ferry has never been shy about the fact that she likes to get plastic surgery. She is honest about spending about £50,000 to change how she looks. She has had three nose jobs, Botox, chin filler, two breast augmentations, and a Brazilian butt lift, among many other treatments.

Rekindling Love and Sun-Drenched Vacations

Chloe’s Halloween celebrations came after a sunny trip to Spain with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Johnny Wilbo. The couple, whose relationship seemed to have started up again in August, went on another holiday to Spain, where they made headlines by showing love in public.

Chloe Ferry Beautiful Birthday Gifts

Chloe seemed to reveal that she was dating Johnny when she posted videos of her expensive birthday gifts on her Instagram Story. One of the gifts was a £1,860 Cartier love ring, which she showed off with pride on her finger with the engagement ring. She also said that she had bought a gold Rolex Day-Date watch that was worth at least £30,000.

The Good and Bad of Relationships

Between Johnny and Chloe, things have gone well and not so well. They broke up for good in September after Chloe said he was texting other girls without telling her. Even though they tried to get back together, they broke up again a week later, which made Chloe sad.

Choosing to Be Independent

Even though her love life has been rough, Chloe’s journey by herself has made her stronger. She told The Sun in a statement that she wanted to be independent and face her feelings head-on. She knew that the past year had been hard and was looking forward to a new start in 2023.

Taking It Easy

While Chloe and Johnny seem to be working on their relationship, a source told The Sun that Chloe is being careful. It’s clear that she still loves Johnny, and after thinking about how she feels over Christmas, she’s ready to forget about the past and have fun with him. Chloe is ready to move on and enjoy her time with Johnny.